Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have found a bug/mistake in the lesson/code, where do I report it?
A: Please, use the comments section of the corresponding lesson at the bottom of the page. I will be very happy to add or discuss your comments!

Q: I don’t get tutorial/code whatever.
A: Please, feel free to comment your doubts or start a discussion in the corresponding comments section. Try to be accurate with your question :P, I cannot answer what I do not understand.

Q: Can I use your code to my project?
A:  If you take it for your personal project, go ahead.
If you take it for an open source project, please cite and refer the code to this website, for example:
// The algorithm blabla was originally coded at Dobratech //
If you will use it for a GPL, LGPL or alike where the project gives public rights to the code. You do not have permission.
You can use the contents from here for your own personal tutorial/blog/whatever, just cite or refer me.

Q:  Can I use your code to make a book or make profit from it?
A: Absolutely no.

Q: What is your e-mail address?
A: For further questions do not hesitate to contact me —> noeth3r at gmail .