Drones flying in formation

In this video I explain how one of my algorithms is able to guide a team of drones to fly in formation requiring minimum information.

Kalman filtering course

Kalman filter is a must tool in every engineer’s toolbox. I have written a course explaining in a detailed and comprehensive way all the steps involved in the Kalman filter algorithm and its actual implementation. In particular, I have focused on examples and problems very common in drones. The Home with lessons covering up to the Discrete linear Kalman filter are available.

An interview about my work

The University of Groningen has written a reportage about my work. They have done a good job by translating my technical work to an accessible language.

Quadcopter simulator

I have written an intuitive flight simulator in Python for controlling quadcopters. In particular, you can try the Formation Control algorithms from my thesis, or to learn how to control the altitude and attitude of one these machines.

Launcher for a RC plane

My guide about how to build your own bungee launcher. Basically you can throw whatever you want, I find it useful for my fanjet.