About me / Publications

My name is Héctor G. de Marina and I am a currently Assistant professor in the Unmanned Aerial Systems Center at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense. I focus my research on systems and control for multi-agent systems while I contribute to Paparazzi, the open-source autopilot. I wrote my PhD thesis in Distributed formation control algorithms for autonomous robots.

Me with one of my drones

You can find more about my research and CV in the following links: Google ScholarLinkedIn and Research Gate .

Why Dobratech? Well, I wanted to have a blog at the same time I wanted to post some tutorials since I like teaching. Ah, why the name you mean? During one trip in Croatia we learned that “enjoy your meal” is said “Dobar tek!”, and from there, Dobra means “good” in Polish, so… there we go, Dobratech :D.

Journal papers

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Conference Papers

[C23] HG de Marina, Z Sun, S Mou On the stability and applications of distance-based flexible formations. 57th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control 2018.

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[W1] Asian Control Conference 2017. Invited speaker at Advances in distributed control and formation control systems.